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Greenville County Republican Party
Legislative Questionnaire


November 07, 2017

Question:  Do you support or oppose voter registration by Party and restricting primary participation to Party members?

Blume Answer:  Support 100%

Question:  Do you support or oppose concealed gun permits after a mandatory background check and training?

Blume Answer:  Support 2nd Amendment & Constitutional Carry

Question:  How would you solve the government employee pension fund deficit?

Blume Answer:  401(k) for new employees. Further reforms and transparency needed for the current pension plan. Last years legislative reforms did not go near far enough to avoid this from happening again.

Question:  Do you support or oppose replacing the state pension system for new employees with a defined contribution 401k style retirement plan?

Blume Answer:  Support 100%. Been calling for this for a long time.

Question:  Automobile efficiency and the growing reality of electric vehicles may mean the gas tax is no longer a reliable revenue source for road construction and maintenance; how would you fund future road improvements?

Blume Answer:

  1. We should consider what other states are already doing – an annual fee on electric vehicles (EV) & plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV).
  2. We should also eliminate the “special interest” SC electric vehicle tax credit and apply that funding to our roads.

Question:  Do you favor or oppose mandatory sentences for violent felonies and repeat offenders?

Blume Answer:  Favor

Question:  Do you favor or oppose mandatory drug counseling and probation for non-violent first-time drug offenders?

Blume Answer:  Favor

Question:  Do you favor or oppose taxpayer funded Charter Schools to insure school choice?

Blume Answer:  Favor

Question:  Do you favor or oppose taxpayer funded parental vouchers for schools?

Blume Answer:  I favor an all of the above school choice solution. Vouchers are a solution from the past and very few new “voucher” programs are not being considered due to substantial legal issues. In SC they may not work due the Blaine Amendment in our SC Constitution. As such I favor tax credit scholarships as the safest and most efficient solution.

Question:  Do you favor or oppose increased funding for special needs children?

Blume Answer:  If you are referring to SC’s only true independent school choice program, the Educational Credit for Exceptional Needs Children (ECENC), I not only FAVOR expanded funding for the program, I support it becoming permanent law. Better results at a lower cost. HOWEVER, as a parent of an 11 year old child with autism participating in the program, I oppose the government and SC Department of Revenue running the program as they are today. I am working with other legislators right now to correct this problem. This should be a platform item for the GOP – and this legislation should be a House Republican Caucus Agenda Item for 2018.

Question:  Do you favor or oppose work requirements for able bodied welfare recipients?

Blume Answer:  Strongly FAVOR!!!

Question:  Do you favor or oppose legislation establishing a United States Constitutional Convention to enact limited amendments imposing fiscal restraints on the federal government, limiting the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, and limiting terms of office for its officials and for members of Congress?

Blume Answer:  Favor all of the above state goals of my friends in the COS movement. Interestingly, the current Greenville GOP Platform opposed a COS. I believe we all need more education in this area.

Question:  Do you favor or oppose using government funds for abortions?


Question:  Do you favor or oppose creating term limits for state legislators of no more than six (two-year) house terms, nor more than three (four-year) senate terms?

Blume Answer:  FAVOR!!! However 4 (two-year) house terms and 2 (four-year) senate terms.  This is a major platform item in my campaign. Committee term limits too.

Question:  Do you favor or oppose raising the minimum wage?

Blume Answer:  Oppose.

Question:  Do you favor or oppose making assaults on law enforcement officers hate crimes punishable by mandatory minimum sentences?

Blume Answer:  FAVOR.

Question:  Do you favor or oppose using tax incentives to attract large employers to South Carolina?

Blume Answer:  Generally favor, but I am extremely concerned that recent incentives have been to favorable to business and hurt taxpayers. We need more transparency in this area.

Question:  Do you favor or oppose requiring school buses and their passengers to use seat belts?

Blume Answer:  Yes on new purchases. I believe this is already being done, or at least new buses can be easily equipped with seat belts. What I am NOT in favor of is the WiFi / internet they are putting on school buses today. That cost needs to be looked into.

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