Five Ways I Will Courageously Fight for You in Columbia:

1. Spending:  I will seek to cut wasteful spending in state government, fully fund the Local Government Fund, and oppose new taxes. I will vote against any proposed budget that does not significantly curb South Carolina’s dependence on the Federal dole, which currently provides 39% of annual state money.

2. Roads:   We need our roads fixed. But there must be real reform and more accountability in our department of transportation.  Now that the gas tax increase is law, we must make sure the money is being spent properly and that we get our fair share to truly fix our roads, not just pave the pockets of the bureaucrats.  I will work every day to hold the D.O.T. and our government more accountable.

3. Education:  I will vigorously defend teachers and students in every education context, including public, private, religious, homeschooling, and online.  I will oppose every attempt to put Federal controls on education, and I will fight to empower parents to make the decisions that are right for their children.  As a mother of a child with special needs, I know first hand that our state needs the Educational Credit for Exceptional Needs Children to be fully funded, to become a permanent law, and to be returned to independent nonprofits.

4. Ethics & Corruption: Columbia is Broken!!!  We read about FBI investigations and indictments at the SC State House in the paper nearly everyday.  We need real ethics reform and transparency in Columbia and I will fight to achieve that for our state. Increasing penalties and fines for offenders should be the law.

5. Judicial Reform:  Our state is the only one in the country that allows our legislators to appoint judges. That means the legislators who are attorneys also get to pick the judges who would rule over some of their court cases. This creates a conflict of interest and I will work to change this unfair process. We have an antiquated system as a whole and I will advocate for a system where the Governor appoints judges with the advice and consent of the Senate.

If you’d like to help me, Krystal Blume, stand up for these issues in Columbia, please donate to the campaign today.